The Real Cost To Your Family: Not Planning For Incapacity


When it comes to estate planning, most people automatically think about taking legal steps to ensure the right people inherit their stuff when they die. And these people aren’t wrong.


Indeed, putting strategies in place to protect and pass on your wealth and other assets is a fundamental part of the planning equation. However, providing for the proper distribution of your assets upon your death is just one part of the process.

And it’s not even the most critical part...

Entrepreneurs --

Do You Have Holes in the Foundation of Your Business?


When you started your business, did you begin with the end in mind?  Did you lay a solid foundation for that business to grow on?


Did you build your buisness like you mean it?

In this online workshop, geared to small and medium business entrepreneurs, local attorney Ashley Prew will share what it takes to start--or grow--your business on a foundation tha tsupports and encourages you to step out into the world with confidence...

5 Common Estate Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Since estate planning involves thinking about death, many people put it off until their senior years or simply ignore it all together until it becomes too late. This kind of unwillingness to face or plan for reality can create major hardship, expense, and mess for the loved ones and assets you leave behind.


While not having any estate plan is the biggest estate planning blunder you can make, even those who do create a plan can run into trouble if they don’t understand exactly how estate...