The Grave Risks of Using DIY Legal Documents

Need instructions for replacing your car’s spark plugs?

Want to learn HTML?

Looking to find the route home with the least traffic?

You can find all of that—and just about anything else—with a quick Google search. Indeed, the amount of information you can gain from the Internet is staggering. But just because you can find something online doesn’t mean you should trust it.

This caveat is especially true when it comes to legal documents for your business. While you’ll find tons of websites...

3 Estate Planning Concerns For Married, Same-Gender Couples


Now that same-gender couples can legally marry in all 50 states, more Americans than ever before are enjoying the rights and benefits that come with marriage. Estate planning, in particular, is one arena where these new rights and benefits are readily apparent.

With marriage equality, same-gender couples no longer have to pay exorbitant amounts of money for creative estate-planning work-arounds just to achieve similar protections offered to opposite-gender couples. Yet same-gender couples...

If you’re like most people, you probably view estate planning as a burdensome necessity—just one more thing to check off of life’s endless “to-do” list.

You may shop around and find a lawyer to create planning documents for you, or you might try creating your own DIY plan using online documents. Then, you’ll put those documents into a drawer, mentally check estate planning off your to-do list, and forget about them.

The problem is, your estate plan is not a one-and-done type of deal.

In fact, if it’s not regularly updated when your assets, family situation, and/or the...