Proposed Michigan Shared Parenting Act, House Bill No. 4691

There has been a lot of talk regarding the proposed Michigan Shared Parenting Act  [MSPA] which would amend the Child Custody Act of 1970. The average person does not know the current law, and what are the changes. This article will try to show what the law is now, and what the proposed changes would make the law to be.


We currently have legal custody and physical custody.  Legal custody is the ability of a parent to affect the decisions...

A person or couple looking to adopt a newborn baby need to know a few things. First, finding a birthmother to place a child with an adoptive person or couple is a very difficult, and complex process.  The procedure to adopt a child from someone not related to the adoptive couple by blood or marriage is called a direct placement adoption. Typically, a direct placement adoption is for a new baby.


Who May Adopt

Any potential adoptive parent may adopt and cannot be discriminated against solely on age, race, religious affiliation or income level.  A...