Choosing the Right Lawyer to Handle Your First Lawsuit or Business Conflict

How do you choose the best lawyer for your situation? It helps to think ahead to what you want both the experience and the outcome to be, and what you DON’T want them to be. Do you want the whole thing to be over as quickly as possible or are you willing to settle in for the long haul to get your desired results? How willing are you to compromise?

Once you have that image in your head, you can use the following questions to evaluate the lawyers that you are considering hiring.


Money Talk: How Much Will You Share With Your Kids (and When)?


In many families, money still is not a typical dinner table discussion, but we think it should be. Surprisingly, this is especially true when it comes to affluent parents. And, we hope to change it because one of the most important things you can do is talk to your kids (and your parents) about money.


According to the Spectrem Millionaire Corner, a market research group, only 17% of affluent parents said they would disclose their income or net worth to their kids by the time...

Protect Your Business and Family Through a Living Trust


While various types of insurance can protect your business from lawsuits and other liabilities, perhaps the greatest liability of all—especially if you’re the sole owner of your business—is what could happen to your company when you die or if you should become incapacitated by accident or illness.

To ensure your business—and the income it provides your family—is protected if you’re no longer in the picture, you’ll need to create and maintain an effective estate plan. Without a proper estate plan...