Cutting Corners With Contracts Can Cost You


Running a company is a massive responsibility, so putting a lot of thought and effort into your contracts might be pretty low on your list of priorities. But giving short shrift to your legal agreements can cost you big time—and in more ways than one.

In order to save time and money, you may be tempted to use cheap, fill-in-the-blank legal forms you find online, rather than having a lawyer prepare—or at least review—your legal agreements. But taking the do-it-yourself (DIY) route can put your company in...

The Real Cost To Your Family: Having No Estate Plan At All


When it comes to putting off or refusing to create an estate plan, your mind can concoct all sorts of rationalizations: “I won’t care because I’ll be dead,” “I’m too young,” “That won’t happen to me,” or “My family will know what to do.”

But these thoughts all come from a mix of egoic pride, denial, and above all, we imagine, a lack of real education about estate planning and the consequences to your family. Once you understand exactly what planning is designed to prevent and support, you’ll...

The Grave Risks of Using DIY Legal Documents

Need instructions for replacing your car’s spark plugs?

Want to learn HTML?

Looking to find the route home with the least traffic?

You can find all of that—and just about anything else—with a quick Google search. Indeed, the amount of information you can gain from the Internet is staggering. But just because you can find something online doesn’t mean you should trust it.

This caveat is especially true when it comes to legal documents for your business. While you’ll find tons of websites...