3 Ways to Ensure Your Company’s Corporate Veil is Never Pierced


Setting up your business as a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) is a crucial way to protect your personal assets from debts and other liabilities incurred by your business.

The ability of a corporate entity, such as an S Corp or LLC, to separate and safeguard your personal assets is often referred to as creating a “corporate veil.” When properly created and maintained, the corporate veil offers you vital personal liability protection from creditors, lawsuits, and other...

Scaling your business is about effectively planning and preparing for growth, so as your operation gets bigger, your costs and workload don’t increase to unsustainable levels. To properly scale your business, you should be increasing revenue at a rapid rate, while increasing costs at a much slower rate.

Growth is only sustainable if you have the systems and resources in place to support expansion. In other words, bigger is only better if your operations are scalable. Here are four strategies to consider to ensure your company is properly scaled for sustainable growth.


Know the Difference Between a Name and a Trademark


Business owners should be aware of the difference between choosing a name for a new company and registering a trademark for your business and/or product. 

The process of choosing a name for a company is necessary when creating a corporation or LLC (limited liability company). Once you have chosen a name, you should check your state’s Secretary of State website since many have searchable databases you can use to determine if the name is already in use.  If the name is clear, the new company...