When Medicaid recipient dies:


Half the median value of the homes in the County goes to family.




Spouse                         1.         Community spouse lives in house


Children                       2.         Minor children or handicapped child lives in home


Family Member           3.         Family member lives in home who cared for Medicaid recipient for at

Cared For                                least 2 years before Medicaid...

“Me Too:” How the Law Helps Victims of Workplace Sexual Harassment Fight Back

Collin H. Nyeholt, Attorney at Law


Harvey Weinstein has become the poster child for abuse of power for personal sexual gratification.  Weinstein co-founded Miramax in the 1970’s.  In its 40-year run, Miramax has created such iconic films as Pulp Fiction, The Crying Game, Good Will Hunting, Gangs of New York, and Sex Lies and Videotape.  The rewards to Weinstein have been substantial.  In 2015, Forbes estimated that the Weinstein Company...