Author: Donald Baranski


Michigan grandparents can ask a court to award them grandparenting time if one or more of the following situations apply:

  • the grandchild's parents have filed for divorce, "separate maintenance" (legal separation), or annulment in a Michigan court
  • the grandchild's parents are divorced, legally separated under a judgment of separate maintenance (a court has issued an order granting the parents a legal separation), or their marriage has been annulled
  • the...

The Michigan Court of Appeals just issued an opinion of first impression under the Revocation of Paternity Act [RPA]. MCL 722.1431 et.seq. The RPA was enacted in 2012 to determine the paternity of children in certain situations.  It is presumed that a husband is the father of any children conceived or born by his wife during the marriage. However, the husband may or may not be the biological father.  The case of interest is Jeremy Jones v Sharon Jones issued June 22, 2017.  In that case, the parties were married in 1998.  The parties lived in separate residences across the state...

The Seller Disclosure is a form that is statutorily required when there is a transfer of real estate. There are a few instances of transfers that do not require the disclosure form, but those are in very specific situations. Generally, the Seller Disclosure form is required.

The Seller Disclosure Act requires the seller to make a statement that discloses all of the conditions of and information about the property. This information is based on good faith, meaning that the seller is only required to disclose of information that he/she is aware of at the time of disclosure. The seller...