Trustee Duties

19 July 2018

Before Agreeing to Serve as Trustee, Carefully Consider the Duties and Obligations Involved—Part 1


If a friend or family member has asked you to serve as trustee for their trust upon their death, you should feel honored—this means they consider you among the most honest, reliable, and responsible people they know.

Mecaid Overview - Donald Baranski

18 December 2017



When Medicaid recipient dies:


Half the median value of the homes in the County goes to family.




Spouse                         1.         Community spouse lives in house


Children                       2.         Minor children or handicapped child lives in home


Family Member           3.         Family member lives in home who cared for Medicaid recipient for at

The Seller Disclosure Act

21 May 2017

The Seller Disclosure is a form that is statutorily required when there is a transfer of real estate. There are a few instances of transfers that do not require the disclosure form, but those are in very specific situations. Generally, the Seller Disclosure form is required.

The Seller Disclosure Act requires the seller to make a statement that discloses all of the conditions of and information about the property. This information is based on good faith, meaning that the seller is only required to disclose of information that he/she is aware of at the time of disclosure. The seller may be required to make additional disclosures after the delivery of the statement if the seller, prior to the transfer of the property, becomes aware of additional conditions. If the condition is dangerous, then the seller may be held liable for any injuries that occur due to the condition.


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