Time to Operate as a Real Business! 


With the passage of AB5 in California (the new law that imposes significant risk on employers who mischaracterize employees as independent contractors), and the potentiality for that same law to be applied across the United States, you may be considering incorporating to strengthen your position that you are not an employee. If so, we think that’s smart.


While the burden is on the employer to prove that a worker is not an employee, you can take action to help the people or companies who employ you to...

False Security: Is Your Will Legally Valid?


A last will and testament can ensure your wishes are respected when you die. But if your will isn’t legally valid, those wishes might not actually be carried out, and instead the laws of “intestate succession” would apply, meaning that the state decides who gets your stuff, and it’s very likely not to be who you would choose.


If you’ve created a will online, we congratulate you for doing SOMETHING, but we strongly recommend that you have it reviewed and make sure it does what you want, and is...

Donate Appreciated Assets to Charity Instead of Selling Outright For Tax and Income Benefits Using a Charitable Remainder Trust

If you have highly appreciated assets like stock and real estate you want to sell, it may make sense to use a charitable remainder trust (CRT) to avoid income and estate taxes—all while creating a lifetime income stream for yourself or your family AND supporting your favorite charity. 


A CRT is a “split-interest” trust, meaning it provides financial benefits to both the charity and a non-charitable beneficiary. With...